Sup pretty people, I’m back to blogging!

Well not really, I just kinda missed my personal site that I used to have. Hmm, for this comeback I sort of rebranded according to the minimalistic trend. I think my portfolio looks simple and easy to navigate, which makes me happy. 😀

The second thing I did to celebrate my comeback (the first thing was to create this website and customise it with a child theme of course) was to get on Deviant Art. I’m glad my past creations are still kept there nicely … but the core membership change is really shocking for me. I’m amazed at how much I’ve to pay for a username change. Really, that’s the only thing useful (for me) about signing up to this core membership. Luckily I’ve got approx 600+ points on my account to use to offset the total price. I’m still considering whether to pay for it – leaving it aside and coming back to this later.

Then I went through the folders in my 1TB portable hard drive to hunt for my past works. I was a messy person – still am though :P, and I found bits and pieces of work in random folders. Will need some time to sort all of that! But for now I’m in the process of editing watermarks and uploading photomanipulations to my portfolio page. I still have book covers, greeting cards, logos and web designs to go.

And since the DA Core is nagging at me on my mind, I’m starting to think that journal CSS on DA is attractive. Buy or not? Hmm. Argh.