Before I start with the best strategy to market your photography business, I want to make it clear that if you don’t deliver good shots, your clients won’t return, and some might even post their negative experiences online . In this sense, it might be good to work on your skills as no matter how good you are with your salesy marketing pitch or strategies, ultimately the photos are what influences the client’s decision. Most occasions don’t have second chances. Like weddings, 21st birthdays, one-time events, and if the final deliverables aren’t good, the bad impression is going to stay.

market your photography

Market Your Photography Business

Now, lets assume you have your photography gears in place, you take good shots, and post-process your photos to satisfaction. Doesn’t this sound ideal?

Just take a moment to think.

You’re not the only photographer out there who takes good shots and deliver awesome photos. There are many, many others in the industry.

How can you differentiate yourself and convince potential clients that you are the one for them? It is the way you market your photography business.

Encouraging Clients to Remember You

When clients or customers are thrilled, they play nice. A good way to get them thrilled, besides delivering beautiful photos, is to offer something they cannot refuse. And, one sure thing people don’t refuse, is a gift.

Not only do people like gifts, it conveys a warm feeling that you care, that you’re happy about having them or knowing them.

The focus, however, is on the next voluntary step that your customer would happily give. Which is, positive social media mentions and referrals.

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Gifts to Attract Potential Clients

If you have a website, or Facebook page, try to give something that demonstrates your expertise and convince them you’re the right photographer for the job. Be very confident about your knowledge in the field and what you can deliver. Here’re two examples of gifts you can provide.

Lead Magnet eBook

Release a free 2-page PDF on a helpful topic.

  • If you specialise in boudoir photography, a guide such as “Guide to 5 Good Poses for Boudoir” would interest your visitors to download and read about it.
  • If you specialise in wedding photography, a guide such as “Best Romantic Couple Poses to Make People Go Wow!” will entice a specific audience (esp. brides!) to download and read.

Providing a free 2-page eBook would not only provide useful information your visitors, but also communicates indirectly that if they hire you as their photographer, you know your stuff well. They can trust you are good at capturing different perspectives and able to advise them on best poses to make them look good during the shoot.

Free Photoshoot Session

  • Free photo shoot session 30 mins (only the session, not the prints!)

Providing a free photoshoot session might sound like eww you’re working for free, but it is a part of a bigger intention. A free session means that you get a chance to create a great experience with a person/family. You get to communicate with them personally and know these people. When you feel you can provide something more for them, it would be a great opportunity to upsell your other packages. Even if they don’t hire you for anything, it’s going to leave an impression on you, and they will remember you the next time they need to hire photographer because of the pleasant memories.

These are just two examples I thought of. There can be others that work the same way, just take some time to think through what you can offer.

Gifts to Thrill Existing Clients

Give your existing clients a little something to remember you by so that they don’t remember you only by your profession. As I mentioned above, what differentiates you from thousands of others in your area? If they want to hire a photographer, they can just search the directory and get one. But! If they want to hire a photographer that connects, that would be you.

Some examples:

  • Free postcard
  • Free send out card
  • Free mini foldable card
  • Free Instagram Lomo print

These free gifts are all within budget as well!

If you’re writing an eBook can be easily created in Word and saved as PDF, the investment is just your time to write it.

If you’re printing out something, like an Instagram Lomo print, that would be 90 cents at my local print store just 20 mins away from where I’m at (not sure about yours).

Or in other cases, when I asked on the Blog + Biz BFFs group – Chocolate!


If you don’t like the idea of any of the above and can’t come up with one, no worries at all. Gifts don’t have to be something physical. It could come in many, many forms!

I did a quick search and randomly selected a photographer’s review. His gift to his client were photo teasers. That is a great idea as well! It doesn’t cost anything except for maybe an hour of selecting the best photos and post-process them first. You can tell from this review that his client was thrilled. (This is just an example I randomly selected, not a promotion or anything.)

Read Carmen W.‘s review of Augie Chang Photography on Yelp


Gifts to Delight Past Clients

There are so many events and occasions happening every day that needs a photographer. Be sweet and send your past customers something to keep the relationship going, like holiday cards.

  • Send a Christmas Card to Your Past Clients

In fact, just send a Christmas Card to all your past clients every year. Yes, all of them! (A little self-promo here, if you have too many of them to handle but still feel like you should be sending something, I provide a service for snail mail.)

Notice I use the word “gift” instead of freebie or free stuff. Even though, logically, they are the same thing as giving a gift. This is because I do not want to confuse people that this is working for free. It is not. I do not believe that photographers should work for free. However, giving a gift is different. Just like when you send a gift to someone on their birthday or during Christmas. You intend to make the other person happy because you care about them from within your heart. THAT would be exactly what you want your clients to feel. And trust me, they will.

It’s 20 Nov now, I’m super excited about Christmas – mainly the upcoming flea markets! I’m thinking of taking up a stall to sell some handmade bracelets! What about you? Ready to connect with your clients?

I’ve created a card design for you, it is compatible with Moo! And yes, it’s available for you to download for free.